Below is the press release that is going out today regarding a book I wrote with the help of Erik Cassano. If you enjoy reading my blog, I am confident you will enjoy the book as well.

Good Job, Airplane!
Isn’t that a unique title for a book?
What makes those words really special is that Good Job, Airplane! was coined by a small child excited to reach an important destination – DisneyWorld.
This is a book about the lessons our children teach us as we go on life’s journey to our own destinations – lessons we can apply building a successful business and a successful life.
• Make lemonade from lemons.
• Tell the whole truth.
• Deal with bad news, but continue to move forward.
• Play fair.
• Try new things.
• Be open to pure joy.
Good Job, Airplane! is a motivational book.
Good Job, Airplane! is a book about what we can learn from our everyday experiences.
Good Job, Airplane! can even be seen as a business management book.
Good Job, Airplane! is about the world around us seen through the eyes of a very young boy.
The author is Brian D. Gale, president and majority owner of I.D. Images, a leading pressure sensitive label converter. He lives and works in the Cleveland area. So, too, does the collaborating writer, Erik Cassano. The book is based on the observations of Brian Gale’s young son, Logan.
The publisher is Smart Business Network, also based in the Cleveland area. SBN is widely recognized for cutting edge work to create and distribute business-related content on multiple platforms.

You can learn more at Good Job, Airplane! is available at

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