A Reason to Smile

On tax day, I normally ask for a simple thank you for paying my taxes to multiple jurisdictions, most of which I cannot vote in.  Rather than repeat myself, I am going to try to spread some cheer.

Over the weekend, we attended our goddaughter’s school play.  Last year, her school decided to change up the format.  Instead of a traditional play put on by the school’s students, the school partnered with The Penguin Project.  (https://penguinproject.org/)  The mission of The Penguin Project is “Empowering Children With Special Needs Through Theater.”  In a nutshell, the children from our goddaughter’s school acted as mentors to kids with special needs who performed “The Wizard of Oz.”  They rehearsed after school for over four months.  You could see the friendships that formed between the mentors and the performers.  You could see how proud all the kids were of their performance, and justifiably so.  After the show, the cast and crew sang and did a choreographed dance to “Don’t Stop Believin’.”  The principal of the school said they ended every practice with that routine.  The sheer joy that emanated from that stage is something I will never forget.      

To see what these kids accomplished on stage puts life in perspective.  I forgot about my taxes.  I forgot about our political discord.  I forgot about challenges at work.  My faith in humanity was restored.   The world would be a much better place if we all treated each other like these kids treat each other.  If you are in need of a smile, check out The Penguin Project.    

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