Am I Behind the Times?

Last week, I attended an in-person event that featured a presentation followed by time for networking.  For many of us, it was the first time in a long time we were at such an event.  That become obvious when the networking started after the presentation.  Most of us struggled to find business cards.  It became quite comical as people searched wallets, coat pockets, and purses for business cards. 

It is not hard to exchange a virtual business card with your phone.  The crowd I was with was generally middle aged, so it was above most of our technological abilities.  I think there is something to giving an actual physical item to someone.  Handing someone something, even a simple business card, is a powerful gesture.  We all like to receive things and we all (ok, most of us) like to give things as well.  To prove my point, it is well documented that we spend more money with credit cards than with cash.  Why?  Because we have a physical attachment to money that is not quite the same with a credit card. 

We live in an increasingly digital world but we still need to be physically connected to other people and our world.  Business cards and print are not going away anytime soon.  Or maybe I am behind the times, along with the people I was with.   I hope not! 

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