Be Grateful for Your Relationships

As I ran holiday errands this past weekend, it finally hit me.  This will be my first Thanksgiving without either of my parents.  My father passed away almost nine years ago and I lost my mother last December.  As a kid, and even into adulthood, the holidays, especially Thanksgiving, were always a big deal.  It is certainly going to be different without either of them around.

A certain website plays on our emotions and tells us how many “friends” we have.  To the best of my knowledge, no website has an algorithm that can accurately measure the value of our relationships.  Knowing what your college roommate had for dinner last night is fun but understanding his struggles with his teenage daughter is meaningful.  Aren’t our close relationships all we really have?

The holidays offer an opportunity to reflect on your relationships.  Enjoy time with the important people in your life.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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