Be Leery of the Nanny State

Hudson, Ohio, is a very affluent community.  Its schools have an excellent reputation.  Recently, an assignment given in a high school English class in Hudson has sparked outrage.  The students were given a book titled “642 Things to Write About” and told to choose a topic.  Topics included:

  • “Choose how you will die.
  • Write a scene that begins: ‘It was the first time I killed a man.’
  • Describe your favorite part of a man’s body using only verbs.
  • You have a dream that you’ve murdered someone. Who is it, how and why did the murder happen, and what happens afterward?
  • You are a serial killer. What TV shows are on your DVR list? Why?
  • The kill fee.

Parents, the mayor, and other community leaders have called for the resignations of teachers, administrators, and the school board.  One parent quoted in the article linked above stood out to me: 

Erik Dirker, a police officer with the city of Stow, called for the school to install cameras in classrooms at the board meeting.

“Police officers wear body cameras to monitor their behavior, and they have brief interactions with the public. You guys have our kids all day and we don’t know what’s going on in the classrooms,” Dirker said at the meeting.

“I demand that there be cameras in classrooms as a matter of public record that we can pull and view what is being taught to our kids and what is being said to our kids,” Dirker said at the meeting.  (Emphasis added.)

Wow.  The parent in me thinks he has a point.  The libertarian in me is scared beyond belief.  We have accepted cameras in most public places.  But in every classroom?

Americans have long celebrated and defended freedom.  I might not agree with your choice but I respect your right to make your own decision.  I do not want cameras watching everything and allowing decisions to be second guessed.  The world already has too many Monday morning quarterbacks.  Placing cameras everywhere will only make things worse.

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