Challenge Yourself to Think Differently This Year

I was recently in the car with our son.  We were talking about something and he remarked, “Dad, you sound just like me.”  We ran our errand and got back in the car.  Another conversation occurred and again, he said, “Wow, Dad, you sound just like me.”

Part of me felt bad (OK, not really.) bursting the bubble of a 15 year old that knows everything but I had to say it, “No, Logan, the sad truth is you sound just like me!  You’re turning into your old man.”  A look of horror came across his face.  I laughed and said, “It happens to everyone.”  After I thought about it, I did have to admit one of my comments was greatly influenced by a previous conversation with him.  We talked about how the people you listen to the most influence your thoughts and words.  

In this pandemic environment, our social circles have shrunk.  We spend more time with the same people than we did pre-pandemic, whether it is in person with our families or virtually with colleagues and clients.  We are not in situations where we can easily meet people outside of our circle.  In an environment in which we do not have different experiences or meet different people, we can become stale. 

Challenge yourself to talk to someone outside of your normal circle.  Read the news from a site you normally disagree with.  The only way to change your thinking is to be exposed to something different.

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