Chaos Theory and the President: Be Prepared for Unexpected Outcomes

To greatly over simplify, chaos theory states the behavior of dynamic systems is greatly dependent on initial conditions.  (Read more:  The classic example used to explain this complex mathematical theory to us mere mortals is a butterfly flapping its wings can create the impetus for a hurricane somewhere else in the world. 

To say we have never had a president like Donald Trump is an insult to the phrase stating the obvious.  One thing about President Twitter I am just starting to truly understand is he thrives on chaos.  In general, humans like order.  We like when the world works as we expect.  If I do “X”, I get “Y” is how most of us expect and want the world to operate.  When that does not happen, we get nervous.  There is a segment of the human population that likes chaos.  They are entrepreneurs.  They are commissioned based sales people.  They are the people whose performance reviews say “not a team player.” 

Donald Trump is one of those people that thrives on chaos. 

Over the last week or so, Trump has escalated the trade war with China.  He has threatened war with Iran and moved ships to the Persian Gulf.  He has threatened military action in Venezuela.  I’m sure I missed a few other potentially major things he has threatened to do or has done, but you get the point.  The political class is in an uproar.  Volatility has returned to the financial markets.  Ships are being attacked in the Middle East.  The world is indeed chaotic. 

I am concerned that we have a person who likes chaos have control of nuclear missiles.  I pray he and his advisors have the sense to not embrace too much chaos.  If Trump can keep himself (and the world) from going over the edge, his embrace of chaos just might lead to positive results. 

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