Common Sense Isn’t So Common

I was traveling with my wife recently.  Displaying chivalry, which I rarely do, I grabbed my wife’s backpack as we boarded the plane.  I had a backpack on and placed her backpack on top of my roll on bag.  As I started down the jet way, the gate attendant said, “Sir, I cannot let you board the plane with three bags.  You’re only allowed two.”  The gate attendant saw me take my wife’s bag.  She knew I wasn’t traveling alone and trying to sneak a bag on.  After giving the gate attendant a quizzical look, I handed my wife her backpack, saying nothing.  The gate attendant checked us in.  As soon as we passed her, I placed the backpack back on my roll on bag. 

I don’t know if the gate attendant was having a bad day or just didn’t like me.  Fortunately, I thought the better of making a comment and the situation did not escalate beyond thirty seconds of annoyance. 

I really wish I made stories like this up.  I understand “the rule” that you are only allowed two carry-on bags per person.    A functioning society needs rules.  A functioning society also needs common sense.  Without both, bad things happen. 

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