Did Covid Take Away Common Sense?

I will start by saying I am not a covid denier.  It is real and causes significant issues, especially for those with underlying health conditions.  I believe we should enact policies that protect those people.  Instead, we seem to have a haphazard approach that creates confusion and opens the door to question why we are taking any actions to “stop the spread.”  Consider the following:

  1. Our son recently had surgery for a broken hand. I took him to get his cast off.  The appointment involved:
    • Check in with doctor’s office.  Both of us had to get our temperatures taken.
    • Go across the hall for an Xray.  Temperatures taken again.
    • Back to doctor’s office. Temperatures taken again.
    • Upstairs to physical therapy.  Temperatures taken again. 
    • All this activity took place in the same building.  Four different individuals took our temperatures.  Our temperatures were taken with a thermometer pointed at our wrists.  Our temperatures ranged from 92.6 degrees to 94.5 degrees.  Don’t worry; we’re both still alive.
  2. The state of Ohio allows high school wrestling, but wrestlers cannot shake hands with each other after their matches. 
  3. Also in Ohio, the state has instituted a 10 pm curfew.  Certain professional and college sporting events that are taking place at night, including the Cleveland Browns’ game tonight, were granted waivers.  Fans can stay out past 10 pm. 

It is situations like this that make people question the rationale behind any measures to stop the spread.  Let’s apply some common sense to stop the spread. 

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