Do You Help Your Customers When Something Goes Wrong?

I had a fun weekend with my credit cards.  I have two main credit cards I use.  Early Saturday, I got a text from one of my credit card companies suspecting fraud.  Someone used my credit card fraudulently.  Later that day, I got a text from my other credit card company suspecting fraud.  Sure enough, that card was compromised as well. 

Both companies asked if I had the cards in my possession.  I did.  Both canceled the cards immediately.  However, the second company’s representative said, “Mr. Gale, I know it’s the weekend.  The earliest we can get you a replacement card is Tuesday.  I can keep your card active for in-person purchases.  Would that help you?”  I charge virtually every purchase I make.  Not having either credit card for the weekend, while not the end of the world, was an inconvenience.  Guess which company is going to get most of my business going forward? 

Problems happen in every business.  For the credit card company that kept my account open for in person purchases, they clearly approached the situation with an attitude of, “It’s not my fault but it’s my problem.”  They made my life easier and in turn will benefit from me using their card this weekend.  When a customer has a problem, come up with a solution that makes his life easier.  You will be rewarded. 

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