Dress For Success

During Covid, I have had numerous conversations with a close industry friend.  We have laughed together, cried together, yelled a lot, and shared ideas about dealing with the challenges of the last year.  I think I can speak for him and say we have helped each other keep our sanity or what is left of it.

We had a discussion last week.  I will provide a sanitized version:

Me: “I have a real meeting tomorrow.  We will sit safely apart with masks on.”

Him: “I’m sick of zoom.  Wait – you have a real meeting?  What are you going to wear?  It’s been so long since I wore real clothes, I don’t think I’d know what to wear for a real meeting.”

Me:  “I’ve actually been dressing somewhat professionally when I go into the office now.  No suit and tie, but I’m not dressing like I’m working in the yard like I did for most of covid.  Remember what Gap and Blockbuster employees used to wear?  Button down or polo and khakis?  I’m dressing like that.  I think it helps me feel a little more professional.  Hopefully, I act that way too.”

Him:  “That’s a great idea!  Dress for success!  Change your dress, change your attitude.”

The next day, he texted me a picture of himself in khakis and a button down with the caption, “Pants are a little snug.”    Let’s stop feeling sorry for ourselves and embrace the present.  We cannot change the last year but we can change what we do starting today.  Don’t wait. 

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