Employees Matter

I was boarding a flight last week.  As we were about to board, we all received a text saying the gate had changed and our flight was now delayed.  A few people asked the gate agent about the text.  She made an announcement saying the text was wrong and we started to board.  I got on the plane and noticed boarding stopped shortly after I took my seat.  All of the passengers on the plane, the “elite” customers of this particular airline, knew something was wrong.  About five minutes later, one of the flight attendants announced, “It looks like the gate for this flight did change but no one bothered to inform the gate crew or the flight crew.  Please gather your belongings and proceed to Gate B16.”  I wish I were making this up. 

Airlines have a history of poor relationships with their employees.  I’m sure this situation did not help.  It also did not inspire confidence among the airline’s customers.   I am glad the major airlines give us real time information but I’d like the pilot to know where the plane is supposed to go! 

A wise person once said, “Your customers can only be as happy as your least happy employee.”  If you want your customers treated well, treat your employees well. 

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