Entrepreneurs Will Still Succeed

During normal times, my wife and I are not the shop on black Friday type.  The thought of large crowds trying to find deals and long checkout lines is not appealing to either of us.  Recognizing we are not in normal times, we ventured out to run a few errands on Friday. 

My wife was looking for specific outdoor decorations for Christmas.  The garden store we went to did not have them.  She wanted to stop at a home décor store she likes.  She has gotten to know the owner and has become a frequent shopper (and buyer).  She explained to the store owner what she was looking for.  The owner said, “I don’t normally sell things like that, but I think I can find them for you.  I’ll check and email you some options.” 

That answer differentiates the store owner and will make her successful.  Despite all the hoopla over how the world is changing, a few rules still apply:

  1. People buy from people.
  2. If you make someone’s life easier, you have a customer for life.

There will always be opportunities for entrepreneurs that understand customers’ desires.  We all have a desire to feel like we matter.  That desire will keep physical stores in business. 

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