Focus on the Sunshine

Last week, we had our first blast of cold weather.  Temperatures barely cracked forty degrees, the gray skies seemed endless, and there were even a few snowflakes.  It was a rude awakening to the coming winter.  People were in fowl moods.  Fortunately, the system was just a quick introduction to winter weather.  This past weekend, temperatures were in the mid 50s and the sun shined like it was the summer.  People were wearing shorts.  My buddies texted about golfing. 

The weather change was not terribly significant nor unexpected; this time of year, the weather changes quite a bit.  The change in people‚Äôs attitudes was palpable.  Everyone was in a good mood.  Our environment has a bigger impact on us than we think. 

It feels like the challenges of the last two years have everyone in a malaise.  In the environment we find ourselves in, it is easy to forget that humans have thousands of years of progress behind us.  It is a safe assumption that progress lies ahead as well.  Do not let the seemingly endless negativity we are inundated with from both sides bother you.  Focus on the sunshine.    

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