Fortune Favors the Bold

Imagine you fell asleep in early March and woke up today.  You had no idea what happened between then and now.  If you happened to have a stock portfolio that was heavy in big technology stocks, generally considered risky, you would wake up, look at your portfolio and feel pretty good.  If you happened to have a portfolio full of real estate investment trusts (REITs), generally considered less risky than technology stocks, you would wake up, look at your portfolio, and pass out.  The “risky” assets outperformed the “safer” assets.

We continue to get news about the second wave of coronavirus and employers in the travel industry announcing major furloughs and/or layoffs.  We also are getting news about potential vaccines and treatments for covid-19.  Indeed, depending on your news source, you either think the world is ending or the economy is on the mend.  My advice: average them out.  Progress is being made but the road to economic (and societal) recovery is not going to be a straight line. 

Turning back to my high school Latin days:   audentes Fortuna iuvat: Fortune favors the bold. ( To my incredible Latin teachers: I apologize if the words are out of sequence.  I have not touched Latin since high school.  (I do have a life goal of re-translating Ovid’s Metamorphosos but I have to be honest:  If I didn’t do it during the lockdown, I’ll probably never do it.)

If coronavirus has knocked you down, reinvent yourself.  If you have just stumbled, consider yourself lucky and start running.  Yes, it is scary to take risks in a time like this.  But isn’t it even scarier to let things out of your control dictate your life? 

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