If You Are Going to Charge for Something, You Better Perform

I recently attended a customer conference at a posh resort.  During my stay there, I had to call housekeeping two of the three days to have my room made up.  Upon checkout, I noticed an itemized charge for “Contracted Housekeeping Services.”  In additional to the room rate, I was charged for room cleaning.  Apparently hotels are taking a page out of the airlines’ playbook: itemize every charge.

The fee was nominal, especially in relation to the room rate.  Among my many personality quirks that endear me to my wife is that I despise being “nickeled and dimed” for items or services I purchase.  I cringe when I see itemized bills that break out small charges.  Instead of breaking out charges to increase my price, just raise the price!  I would not have thought twice about the poor housekeeping service had the bill not had a charge listing it separately.  Instead, I ended up with a bad taste in my mouth regarding my experience at the hotel.

As any frequent traveler knows, the airlines have figured out how to charge for services that used to be included with the purchase of a ticket.  Be prepared for hotels to follow the same trend.  Our industry, like a lot of B-to-B industries, does it with surcharges.  Just remember, if you choose to break out charges for everything you do, you better do all those things well or you will have disgruntled customers.

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