The Government Shutdown: A Proposed Solution and is it Trump’s Waterloo?

As I write, the longest government shutdown in history continues while the President and Congressional Democrats trade blame in the media.  Instead of focusing on issues and negotiating, both sides appear dug in trying to gain a political advantage.  I have a simple solution for ending the shutdown:  Let’s pass a law that any time there is a shutdown, all elected and appointed officials forego their salaries and benefits for the length of the shutdown.  Congress, the president, and cabinet officials should not get paid if they do not fund the government.  That might bring them to the table a little faster.

The shutdown is beginning to impact the economy.  The fact that hundreds of thousands of government workers is regularly mentioned in the media.  The other economic impacts of the shutdown are just beginning to get attention.  Cargo ships are unable to deliver to US ports because paperwork is not being processed.  Airline travel is starting to be disrupted because of a lack of TSA workers.  New products launches are being delayed because the FDA is not fully staffed.

The President has touted the strong economy as evidence his policies are working.  A prolonged shutdown will have a negative impact on an economy that is already showing signs of slowing.  Even if Trump wins the proverbial battle and gets funding for the wall, he might lose the war by inflicting harm on the economy.  Border security is important but as Bill Clinton famously quipped, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  If the Trump and the Republicans do not figure that out soon, 2020 will not work out too well for them.

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