Hard Work Wins

Our son, a freshman in high school, is trying out for his high school lacrosse team.  His high school fields a nationally competitive lacrosse team year in and year out.  Before tryouts, the coaches announced that due to the anticipated number of kids trying out, they would be cutting from all teams, not just the varsity team. 

I picked him up from tryouts one night and of course asked him how it went.  He said, “It went OK.  I did some things well, learned a few new things, and know what I need to work on.”  He paused and said, “Dad, whether I make the team or not, I know I have to work my butt off if I want to play next year.  I’m going to work harder than I ever had.”  I almost shouted with joy.  I told him that is the key life lesson sports teaches:  if you want something, you must work hard. 

Especially in today’s work from home environment, it is easy to fall into a routine.  It is easy to say, “I’ll do that tomorrow.”  Challenge yourself.  If you are in sales, make an extra phone call.  If you are in operations, finish that Kaizen project.  Work your butt off.  Your competitor is. 

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