The Infatuation with Socialism is Starting to Get Scary

Gallup recently released a poll that concluded people who identify themselves as Democrats or Democrat leaning view socialism more positively than they view capitalism.  While there is some positive news in the polls (People still hold strong positive views of small business and entrepreneurs and the overall population remains positive on capitalism.), the attraction the Democratic Party has to socialism is frightening.

“Free” healthcare, college, housing and whatever else politicians can promise sounds great, until someone has to pay for it.  Milton Friedman famously quipped, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”  There’s no such thing as free healthcare, college, or housing either.  Someone has to pay for everything.  We have yet to find the proverbial money tree.  I do know that a growing economy helps pay for social services.  The county in which we live just reassessed home values for property tax purposes.  The average increase in valuation was 10%.  That means property taxes are increasing without a vote.  Support policies that increase economic growth if you want an increase in social services.

Millions of people (including my grandparents and great grandparents) left Europe to come to the US because socialism was not working.  Socialism still does not work.  See Venezuela.  Look at unemployment in Italy.  That’s what happens when socialism fails.

Capitalism is far from perfect.  But it’s the best thing we’ve got.

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