The Land of Confusion

Just a few short years ago, we were concerned about peak oil and the impending disaster we faced because the world was running out of fossil fuels. Now, we are told “Saudi America” will be the world’s leading fossil fuel producer within a decade or two. The moral of the story: Don’t bet against technology and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Now, we face the dreaded fiscal cliff. If the world doesn’t end December 21, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to end January 1 because our irresponsible politicians are acting like petulant children. For the record, I did my part in the election and voted against every incumbent (Republican or Democrat) running for national office on my ballot, but as a nation, we decided to send the same cast of characters (the nicest term I could come up with that is family friendly) back to office. Playing a game of chicken with tax and fiscal policy isn’t my idea of stewardship but I think the best message we can send the folks that work for us in DC is they are irrelevant by ignoring them and continuing on in our daily lives.

Finally, economic news continues to confound the talking heads. Consumers are confident yet unemployment remains high. Industrial output has dropped but many companies report healthy backlogs. It’s hard to sell a newspaper or get a television appearance without being provocative. See the peak oil commentary above.

Expect the chaos to continue. Despite the chaos, things seem good right now. Our customers are busy. We are working on new things. Call us if we can help.

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