Let’s All Take a Deep Breath

Last week, I was driving on a two lane road with no passing allowed.  A motor scooter was in front of me.  The driver was going exactly the speed limit.  A little annoying, but I wasn’t about to illegally pass him.  A car came up behind me.  The driver started swerving into the other lane to see why I was going so slow.  Eventually, he saw an opening and flew by both of us.  Again, we were on a two lane road with a solid double yellow line. 

The motor scooter driver proceeded to give the passing driver a one finger salute.  Of course, we were less than a half mile from a light.  The passing car got stopped at the light.  The motor scooter got up next to him, started screaming at the car’s driver and took his picture.  I did not witness any violence, as I turned at that light, but I certainly feared witnessing a bad situation.

Everyone seems to be on edge.  We seem to have lost all common courtesy, especially while driving.  Drivers act like red lights are optional.  Drivers weave in and out of traffic.  Courtesy seems to have vanished on the roads.  To understate the obvious, the last 14 months have been psychologically challenging.  

I have thought about the driver who passed the scooter and me.  Maybe he was on the way to the hospital to visit someone.  Maybe he was late to work.  Maybe he was just a selfish idiot.  I will never know what his situation was.  What I do know is I am going to try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I have a feeling my stress level will decrease. 

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