A Little Effort.  Please.

When I am in my office, I generally pick up my phone.  Lately, I have received a lot of robocalls telling me about a warranty extension for a car I don’t own.  I also get a lot of calls from telemarketers who are paid to set up meetings and use a well-rehearsed script.  Every now and then, a genuine sales person cold calls me.  I take the call expecting to at least learn something.  More often than not, I am disappointed.

If your company paid for a list that actually has my correct name, company, title, and phone number, don’t you owe it to said company to actually put in a little effort?  A two minute internet search will provide you with background on my company and me.  It is not that difficult.  Yet a vast majority of the callers have done no preparation.  Do you really think I’m going to set up a meeting after you have wasted my time on the phone?  I often think these so-called sales people are happy to just fill out a call log in their CRM system so they meet their new contact quota for the week.  They really aren’t interested in selling anything.

As the world gets more and more impersonal, the personal touch can be a differentiator.  Take a few minutes to prepare before making a phone call.  The results will surprise you.

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