Oh, The Humanity!

We had a severe storm last Wednesday.  Eighty mile an hour wind gusts turned beautiful century old trees into kindling.  Power lines were down.  Property damage was extensive.  Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.  But something even more dreaded happened: we lost internet connectivity for 36 hours!

After the storm passed, our first concern was checking for damage.  Other than losing a few small branches and some pots being blown over, we had no damage.  We were lucky.  While the rain continued, we decided to eat dinner.  As my wife and I were preparing the meal, our son said, “The internet doesn’t work.”  Like Pavlov’s dog, I went down the basement to check our router.  I turned it off and on and yelled up, “Does it work?”  The reply came quickly, “No!”  I took drastic measures.  I unplugged the router and disconnected its intake line.  I waited a few minutes.  I yelled up again and quickly got a negative response.  This was serious.

Our cellular network was overwhelmed.  After about fifteen minutes of my phone thinking as if I were on a dial up modem, I finally got to our internet service provider’s website.  Scrolling across the screen in bold font: “WE ARE EXPERIENCING MAJOR OUTAGES IN YOUR AREA.  PLEASE BE PATIENT.”  Uh-oh.

Prior to this storm, we had never lost internet connectivity for more than a few minutes.  We were lost.  Our teenage son picked up a real book.  It’s the summer!  My wife and I had a substantive conversation.  We made it through the first half hour.  Phew.  I checked the internet again.  Still no luck. 

After thirty-six hours, my wife woke up Friday morning and discovered the internet worked.  All was well in the world!  

If the last year and a half have taught us anything, it is that we crave connectivity, both perceived and real.  No pandemic or internet outage will ever change that.  Do not take your connections for granted. 

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