Packaging Matters

My wife purchased clothing from what is considered a high-end retailer.  Our local store did not have the item, so the retailer offered to ship it to our house.  The package arrived looking like it had been dropped multiple times.  What was even more disturbing was that there was no primary packaging.  The item was shoved in a corrugated box with no protection whatsoever.  The box that was used was way too large for the contents, which is probably why the box looked so bad.  Fortunately, the article of clothing was not damaged.

What was damaged was the company’s reputation.  Given what are most likely obscene margins on the product, it’s a shame that someone made a decision to skimp on packaging and save a few dollars.  That decision cost the retailer a loyal customer. We will no longer order anything from this retailer.

A quick Google search revealed the phrase “Penny wise and pound foolish” has been around for at least 500 years.  Businesses continually make the same mistakes.  Appearances matter.  In an era where more and more products are sent directly to customers, pay attention to the appearance of your packaging.

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