You are the President.  This Isn’t Reality TV.

Virtually every day, I wake up with the hope that this is the day Donald Trump finally figures out he did indeed win and is the President of the United States.  Every day, I’m disappointed.  President Trump seems to think acting like a provocative reality TV star is an effective way to govern.

The latest “Twitter storm” with professional athletes over the National Anthem found a new low.  Do I agree with people kneeling during the National Anthem?  Absolutely not.  I find it offensive to everyone who has served in the military or lost someone who has served in the military.  Do I think players have the right to protest?  Yes.  I also have the right to not buy tickets or merchandise from the teams that choose to protest by kneeling or whatever else they decide to do during the National Anthem.  I have exercised that right.  (Admittedly, the Cleveland Browns’ continued ineptitude makes my decision quite easy.)

The Office of the President has a unique opportunity to act as a uniting force.  FDR did it at the dawn of World War II.  Kennedy inspired a generation with his space speech.  George W. Bush did it in the immediate after math of 9/11.  Thus far, President Trump has demonstrated he is incapable of using his position to inspire people.

I try my best to remain optimistic.  I didn’t want to end my post with a negative thought.  Fortunately, I found an article about a positive leader.  I’ve written about Terry Francona, the Cleveland Indians’ manager before.  I copied part of an article below and included a link.  “Tito” exemplifies a great leader.  Listen, Mr. President, listen!

Mr. President, please read the words of a real leader.  Terry Francona, the Cleveland Indians’ manager, continues to amaze me with his leadership skills.  An excerpt is below with a full link following.


Manager Terry Francona talked to some of his players – including African Americans Austin Jackson and Greg Allen – before Sunday’s game against the Mariners at Safeco Field to see if they planned on protesting.

“I talked to a couple guys, and I’ve talked to them before,” said Francona. “My point to them was, one, I wanted to listen. But, I just kind of wanted to express that I wasn’t talking to them to dissuade somebody. I just think, if somebody felt strong enough about it, there would be a way as a team to show support, because we do things together.

“It’s easy for me to sit here and say, ‘Well, I think this is the greatest country in the world,’ because I do. But, I also haven’t walked in other peoples’ shoes. So, until I think, not just our country, but our world, until we realize that, hey, people are actually equal — it shouldn’t be a revelation — and that different doesn’t mean less. It’s just different. We’ve got work to do.”

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