Reach Out to Someone

I was recently in a store looking for something my wife needed.  Of course, the store I went to did not have the item.  I was in line and called my wife.  I got off the phone and an older woman in front of me in line (properly socially distanced of course) said, “Excuse me, I overheard your conversation.  You might want to try going to…”  We have a 3-minute conversation about the state of the world.  She ended the conversation by saying, “Thank you for talking to me.  I enjoyed our interaction.”

I know nothing about this woman’s life other than what I can speculate about.  I came to the conclusion that she was probably lonely.  We are entering into our eighth month of partial lockdowns.  I think we are all feeling a little lonely.  We are all grasping for hope for a treatment or vaccine, something that ends this pandemic and gives us our lives back.  It seems like that might be a long time away. 

When the lockdowns started, there was hope.  It was going to be a few weeks.  Then we had to wear masks for a few weeks.  In Ohio, the governor said there would be a mask requirement for 3-4 weeks in July.  It is October and we are still wearing masks.  Some areas are starting shutdowns again.  People are losing hope. 

Call someone you have not talked to in a while just to check in.  See how they’re doing.  Ask if you can help.  Give someone a little hope.  We all can use it. 

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