Remember the Real Reason Behind July 4th?

Every year around this time, an email circulates about the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  It has slight variations but the message’s focus is on the sacrifices the signers of the Declaration of Independence made.  Historians have questioned the accuracy of some of the signers’ fates.  A popular version, “The Price They Paid,” is posted on the website of singer Michael W. Smith.  A link to the Snopes response is included as well. 

Regardless of the details, the signers took significant personal risk by signing the Declaration.  We think we have political division in our country today.  Imagine the 1700s.  Half the country wanted to remain a colony of England.  Half wanted to leave.  Both sides were willing to fight for their way.  

As you enjoy your cookouts and fireworks, take a moment to read the Declaration of Independence.  Take a moment to be grateful for our Founding Fathers.  Take a moment to cherish our right to disagree.  Never forget we are all Americans.

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