Service Still Matters

Our son had a long weekend last week.  We took a short trip.  The hotel we stayed at had a prominent sign in our room that read, “We perform cleaning service every day and turn down service every night unless you ask us not to.”

Since covid started (really, since the great recession), many hotels have taken the opposite approach: you need to opt in to get your room cleaned.  For us, part of the attraction of going on vacation is service, like having the bed made and bathroom cleaned without having to lift a finger.  Of course, it costs an arm and a leg but so does everything else we like to do.  I have shared my story with a few friends and I know at least one person booked a room at the hotel we stayed at because of our experience. 

Staffing is challenging.  Input costs are rising.  The path of least resistance is to cut service levels.  The path to differentiate your business is the opposite:  improve your service and customers will reward you with their money. 

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