Take a Deep Breath*

Schools announced shut downs.  The NCAA tournament was canceled.  Disney closed all of its theme parks.  Tom Hanks is sick.  And that was just one day. 

The constant bad news barrage brought back a song from my youth by REM.  And, no, it is not “It’s the End of the World.”  For some reason, the opening lines of Radio Song kept going through my head. (I’ll bet that threw you for a loop!)

Opening Lyrics from Radio Song

The world is collapsing
Around our ears
I turned up the radio
But I can’t hear it

Yes, it seems like the world is collapsing around our ears.  We hear the constant concerns about coronavirus.  Every media outlet showing an updated case count.  The barrage of negativity can be overwhelming. 

Take a deep breath.  Turn off the news.  Focus on what you can control.  And please, don’t hoard toilet paper.  They’ll make more. 

Those of you in a certain age group will enjoy the You Tube link.  Turn it up and dance like Michael Stipe!

*Take a deep breath only if you have properly socially distanced yourself from others. 


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