Take a Step Back

After a rainy and dreary month of April, it appears that spring has finally sprung.  I’ve been able to grill outside multiple times in the last few weeks without fear of the food getting soaked. 

I recently went out to uncover the grill.  I noticed the thermometer read over 200 degrees.  It was a sunny day and the area where our grill sits gets a lot of sun.  The grill felt hot but not 200 degrees hot.  Still, it concerned me.  I grilled our food and shut the grill off.  I waited a while to cover it.  The thermometer read around 200 degrees.  It didn’t feel that hot but I got concerned.  I convinced myself I smelled gas, even though the grill had been off for a while.  I shut the gas off and started to look for a leak.  I told my wife I thought I had a leak in a burner and I’d add it to the projects I needed to complete or outsource.  (I’ll be honest; she’d probably have to complete it or I’d continually turn the gas on and off for the foreseeable future.)

I went in the house and forgot about the grill, or so I thought.  About an hour later, I had one of those “You’re such an idiot” conversations with myself.  I went back out and looked at the thermometer.  It still read the grill temperature was in excess of 200 degrees.  The grill was cool to the touch.  Sure enough, my thermometer was broken.  The replacement part is on its way.

The human mind is pretty good at convincing itself the first thing it thinks of is the answer.  Life isn’t always black and white.  Walking away from a situation is a good way to clear your head and examine alternatives. 

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