The Energy Inside Schools is Contagious

Our son recently started high school.  He’s going half days with half the school.  Despite the limitations, the experience is energizing him.  While I am sure there will be days he dreads going to school, right now he is excited to go. His excitement energizes us. 

I have always been amazed at the energy within schools.  I have volunteered in schools.  Every time I leave a school, I feel better than when I walked in.  Kids are inquisitive.  Kids know how to have fun.  Kids want to get better.

So how did we lose that spirit?  Why do adults dread going to work?  How do we create work environments that replicate the energy in schools?  If work environments were more welcoming, productivity would increase.

As I (and many others) have written, the biggest positive of coronavirus is it gives us a chance to do things differently.  Let’s take a lesson from schools and make work environments more positive. 

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