The Politicization of the Pandemic. Just the Facts, Please.

Last week, the Mid-American Conference (not a major conference), the Pac 12 (major), and the Big Ten Conference (major) canceled fall sports, specifically football.  When the Ivy League canceled fall sports a month ago, I thought it was only a matter of time before others followed.  If the affluent Ivy League students are at risk for covid, how can we let the major colleges play with teams that are generally less well off financially and more African American than Ivy League teams?

Trevor Lawrence, a star player for Clemson, wrote a passionate plea asking for the season to take place.  You can read excerpts of it here.  Good for you, Mr. Lawrence.

To state the obvious, we live in a very politicized world.  It is ridiculous that we have allowed our politicians to politicize a pandemic. 

First Trust, an investment firm headquartered in Chicago, puts out a weekly covid tracker.  (Full disclosure:  First Trust’s economic team, led by Brian Wesbury, leans to the right politically.)  I encourage you to read it and subscribe.  Use the data to make up your own mind as to the risks of covid to different population segments.  We need to stop letting politicians and the media dictate the narrative.  We, the people, matter.

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