The Sun Rose November 4th. Thank a Veteran.

Despite the rumors of massive unrest after the election, the sun managed to rise on Wednesday morning.  And Thursday morning.  And Friday morning.  I’m pretty sure it will continue to rise.  Even after Joe Biden was announced as the next president, there have been no major riots that have been reported.  Should we be grateful we live in a country that allows us to PEACEFULLY protest and demonstrate?  Yes. 

It is fitting that Veterans’ Day falls after the November elections.  (It is also fitting that 2020 has a crazy election.)  Exercising our rights to vote can be an ugly process.  It is quite sad how ugly we can make it.  But it pales in comparison to the ugliness many of our veterans have experienced.  I wish we could honor them by being civil towards one another, even if we disagree politically.

In the meantime, thank all the veterans you know.  Their sacrifices allow us to engage in the experiment we call democracy.  Let them know you appreciate the fact that you can vote and express your opinions.  Say thank you on November 11th.

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