The Words of a Great Leader

In this turbulent time of protests and riots, I am comforted to know I discovered a new leader to help me think these challenges through.  He is Craig Arnold, the CEO of Eaton Corporation, a large manufacturer (that happens to be based in Cleveland).  I do not know Mr. Arnold, but he is now high on the list of people I’d love to have dinner with. 

Arnold penned a letter to Eaton’s employees that is linked below.  I encourage you to read it in its entirety.  I have read it several times and it makes me think deeper each time I read it.  In particular, one paragraph continues to challenge me.  I have shared this paragraph with all of our employees and I continue to reflect upon it. 

It would be easy for the events over the last few days to suggest that we are dealing with an insurmountable problem — certainly a problem that is too big for any one individual to confront. I disagree. Just imagine for a moment that you were one of the police officers on the scene the day that George Floyd died. And when he said, ‘I can’t breathe,’ you did what should have been done. You intervened and put a stop it. Where would we be today? Maybe still dealing with protests in the streets of major cities, maybe not. At a minimum, we would have one less senseless loss of life. One person can make a difference — you can make a difference. (emphasis added)

Thank you, Mr. Arnold, for your inspiring message. 

I am committed to making a positive difference in the world.  I hope you are as well.

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