Training is the Answer

Virtually every manager and business owner complains about the challenges of finding good people.  Statistically, the unemployment rate is at a fifty year low.  Recognizing how challenging it is to find staff, we have ramped up our efforts to train the people that are already on our payroll.

We recently sent two of our press operators to a training program put on by All Printing Resources.  (An unpaid endorsement: Great job!  I highly recommend their programs.  Hats off to my friend David Nieman and his team.)  I had one requirement for our attendees: they had to present to me about what they learned when they came back.

Now, I think I’m a pretty easy going guy but I can understand how presenting to the “boss” can be intimidating.  Last week, we had the big presentation.  I’m proud to say Waylon and Alex nailed it.  They talked about their training with pride and excitement.  They had some ideas on things we could do differently.  They expressed an interest in learning more.  I could not have asked for a better outcome.

We all want productivity improvements.  Recent studies have shown the drop in US labor productivity gains is correlated (Remember, correlation does not equal causality from previous blogs!) with a reduction in US education results as measured by standardized tests.  (I could go off on that one too but you get the point.)  If you want your productivity to improve, invest in training!


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