What is Your Life’s Mission?


My grandfather was a prolific writer. In addition to writing professional (insurance and sales related) and history (World War II) books, he kept a journal most of his life. One of my never ending projects is transcribing all of those writings for our family.

He was a religious person and often wrote about his faith. I recently came across something he wrote December 24, 1985, at 10 AM. (He documented everything!) An excerpt is below:

“We live comfortably – no question about it. Yet the greater and deeper satisfaction comes with non-material aspects of living. Perhaps there is a certain power of thought that permeates Christian humanity because so very many people have Christ in mind more profoundly at this time. Or, it may be because the air we breathe is filled with God-given reminders of what our mission in life truly is – to love God and serve others. Peace!”

During this holiday season that turns more secular every year, may you find what your mission in life truly is. Merry Christmas. Peace!

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