What Makes Us Different?

I often get asked by customers, vendors, and various other parties, “What makes I.D. Images different?” Quite often, that question is followed up by a statement like, “After all, labels are a commodity.” (I love when bankers say that to me. I am fortunate to have a very supportive and knowledgeable bank, so my response to other bankers is typically along the lines, “Maybe labels are a commodity. I can certainly argue that they are not. I am certain that money is a commodity.”)

A recent event allows me to very candidly and proudly explain what makes I.D. Images different. We have a husband and wife that work for us in one of our smaller facilities. Their son was involved in a terrible accident. (Fortunately, he is now on the road to recovery.) Within hours of learning about the accident, the I.D. Images team sprang into action. Several production personnel, including management, offered to get to the facility immediately to make sure we could service our customers. An overwhelming number of employees contacted me or our HR department offering to donate their vacation time to the couple. Most requested remaining anonymous, doing it out of the kindness of their hearts.

We all have machines, go to market strategies, and products that can be easily replicated. The internet has removed a lot of intellectual capital barriers in many industries by making knowledge very easy to find. What is not easy to replicate are the people that run those machines and execute the strategies. That’s what makes us (and you) different.

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