Yes, It is the Most Important Election of Our Lives

I get a kick out of the pontificators that remind us that the 2020 Presidential Election is “the most important election of our lives.”  They have said the same thing in prior elections.  They will say the same thing in 2024, 2028, and on forever.  Each time the talking heads say that with their over the top gravitas and as if they are marking a profound statement, they are correct.  Why?  Because we cannot change what happened in the past, nor can any politician.  We can change what happens in the future.  Politicians’ decisions change what happens in the future.  Therefore, the next election is more important than the previous election. 

I have become a believer in the saying that the most important decision in your life is what you do next.  Yes, choosing a spouse is important.  Yes, choosing a vocation/career is important.  I am quite confident that many small decisions led up to those big decisions.  Also, once you make your big decisions, it is what you do next in your life that matters most.     

If you have not already, please take the time to vote.  Take a few minutes to contemplate what else you should be doing in your life.  The most important thing you can do in your life has not happened yet.  Make it happen.  Make your life worthwhile. 

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