You Just Have to Look Outside

One day last week, my wife and I were up early.  We turned on the television and put on the news.  The weather forecast was on.  With confidence, the weather forecaster said, “It will be a great start to the day with rain moving in late afternoon.”  My wife looked out the window and said, “What is she missing?  It’s going to rain any minute.”  I left for work and, sure enough, within 5 minutes, it started to rain.  I called my wife and we had a good laugh about it. 

Later that night, we were talking about the weather forecast.  I told her I wanted to turn it into a blog but needed a hook.  She said, “Sometimes, you just have to look outside.”  I am sure the fancy weather models showed rain moving in late in the day.  It did not take a fancy model to look outside and see the dark clouds.  It certainly did not take a meteorologist to predict it was going to rain soon.

We are inundated with data and messages.  The amount of information available to us is staggering.  All that information can prevent us from seeing what is really going on.  We also allow so-called experts to guide us.  They suffer from information overload as well.  Take a trust but verify approach with experts. 

In this work from home environment, it can be tempting to rely on surveys to see how your customers and employees are doing.  They are a tool, just like radar.  But, just like radar, they might not tell the entire story.  If you do not look outside the spreadsheet and slide presentation, you might miss what is going on.  Don’t get caught in the rain. 

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